Mast Climber MC-10

MC-10 is the access solution for those works where the space is limited and a light machine is needed to be fast and easily erected. It's maximum height (standard configuration, other values on request) of 50 meters allows access to any required place and the versatility of its configurations allows a maximum width of 17.8 m (dual mast) and 5.8 m (single mast) and a payload up to 800 and 400 kg's, respectively.

Equipped with the last features in HSE requirements, the MC-10 is the right choice for

  • Restoration works
  • Window installation
  • All kind of Fa├žade works
  • Industrial and prefabricated buildings
  • Sand Blasting
  • Roof maintenance
  • Mast Climber MC-10 Product Certificate
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