Mast Climbers


Mast Climbers

Mast climbers are powered, mobile work platforms, that traverse up and down a scaffolding construction by way of one or two masts.  They provide access to the job site for workers, and a stable, adjustable platform from which to operate safely.  Resa Gulf Scaffolding offers two sizes and styles of mast climber, as highlighted on our Products page.  The largest option with dual masts can hold up to 5 workers at once.

One of the brilliant aspects of the mast climbers available from RGS is that they are quick to assemble, disassemble, and move.  This cuts down on lost productivity time on the job site, and reduces or eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment for setup, transport, and assembly.  

All of our mast climbers are built with safety railings, electrical connections for worker tools, a double gear motor with brake, independent brake, integrated stabilizer, and other features that make them the premiere work platforms of choice for workers in a wide variety of industries and job roles.  

Get your people and equipment where it needs to be, anywhere on the job site vertically, with our superb mast climber work platforms.