Our experts have accumulated over 10,000 hours of HSE training on a wide variety of relevant job site topics.  From teaching workers how to safely utilize our scaffolding equipment, mast climbers, and other products, to training for safety inspections, and much more, our trainers are highly competent and capable experts.  Basic job site safety is where it all begins, with our most advanced courses even preparing workers for the demanding and rigorous Aramco Inspection certification program.

No matter what type of project you may be working on, and no matter how skilled your current labor force may be, there is always room for some quality training to help them work more efficiently and more safely.  It’s especially valuable when they are working with advanced safety and job equipment, like the scaffolding and support systems that we offer for purchase, lease, rental, or under service agreement.  

Our training offerings are designed both to provide basic core competencies to employees, as well as to augment our product and solution offerings.  In short, even if you don’t obtain scaffolding from Resa Gulf Scaffolding, there are still numerous training courses that we can provide to benefit your employees.  You can mix and match what courses you require to develop the best possible workforce, and ensure the highest quality project outcomes.

Let our experts provide your team with the training they need, to gain the skills necessary to complete the job, and to do so in a productive, effective, and safe manner.